To help merchants better trade timber we’ve brought together a number of resources for your use. Please find information tailored to help supercharge your business below.

Timber: the most profitable category

Timber and wood products are recognised as the most profitable product category for many builders’ merchants.  Representing up to a quarter of a general merchant’s turnover, wood products now offer a huge range of both standard and special use material, designed for more specific purposes.


Today you’ll find a category comprising products ranging from water-repellent fully exterior MDF to slip-resistant decking, standard mouldings to 3-D formable veneers, and sustainably-grown certified hardwoods to engineered softwood glulam beams.


Your Timber Trade Federation member supplier is also a supplier of knowledge, so utilise their expertise on everything from product selection to marketing to your full advantage.


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Maximising timber sales year-round

In times past, timber product sales used to be more seasonal.  Today, with the diversity of product types available, and with the marketing support offered by suppliers, your timber sales can continue year-round. Read our 12-month Sales Calendar for Merchants.


The Timber Trade Federation, in conjunction with the National Merchant Buying Society, also brings you monthly Timber Topics giving advice on products, standards and selling, also available here.


For the very latest in products and updates for your timber counter team, download a copy of our Good Wood Business magazine. We also have a range of publications which we prepare for other trade associations such as the Builders Merchants Federation’s Timber Forum News.


View recent editions and our other publications.

Selling the right product for the job

It’s critical to your reputation as a business and to your customer’s safety that you sell the right product for the right job.


You are the customer’s last point of contact. Make the most of any training available from your suppliers and ensure that all your timber-selling staff, whether regulars behind the timber counter or temporary staff covering holidays, understand the full implications of what they are selling.


Timber and wood products confirm to various standards so it’s important to know which product can be used where. An example is with plywoods: selling a product that is incompatible with the end-use application can lead to accidents on site.


Check out our Guides and our Plywoods Table to find out more.

Setting standards in sustainable supply

Your Timber Trade Federation member brings you ‘Timber you can Trust’. Our rigorous due diligence monitoring process, the Responsible Purchasing Policy, to which all members must adhere, means that our members can be subject to random audit of their sustainable sourcing practices at any time.


We also monitor the standards of supply in many timber product categories. Our recent research on plywood product declarations, for example, revealed many inconsistencies on imported plywood products.


TTF members now conduct additional independent third-party testing on glue bonds and species content to help ensure accurate descriptions are provided on products they import.


Find out more about TTF members and their responsible sourcing here or download a copy of our latest RPP report.

How we can help you

In addition to the free resources here, becoming a Timber Trade Federation member gives you access to much more free and lower-cost training for your staff, such as our Level 3 Award in Timber Merchanting and our Essential Foundation in Sales Management, with its proven sales improvement track record.


Your business can also benefit from our promotion campaigns with builders, joineries and the architectural sector. TTF members are often featured in the media covering all these sectors. We also maintain a high standard of due diligence on responsible sourcing, so you’d be amongst the best companies in the sector on sustainability.


TTF members represent some 80% of the timber used in the UK, ranging from forest-owning companies to builders’ merchants and all points in between.


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