New ‘Illegal Deforestation Monitor’ website launched
26th September 2016

New ‘Illegal Deforestation Monitor’ website launched

Earthsight and Fern have launched Illegal Deforestation Monitor, a new website that will monitor news on illegal conversion of forests for agribusiness, as well as featuring in-depth analysis and commentary on the issue and the response to it from companies and governments.

Analysis by Earthsight, published by Forest Trends, demonstrates that at least half of all tropical deforestation is caused by commercial agriculture that is illegal. Study by Fern has shown the responsibility of the EU as the major importer of the commodities produced as a result.

“Illegality enables more deforestation than would occur if companies complied with the law, and is an important factor in many of the worst problems associated with both deforestation and large-scale agriculture: land conflicts, corruption, biodiversity loss and the theft of state revenues”, explained the two organisations.
“As such, illegality is an issue that cuts across so many of the issues we collectively work on. It is our hope that aggregating the wealth of information on specific cases and broader trends in one place will assist the effort to ensure effective, evidence-based policy responses to this crisis.”

The first postings include an in-depth analysis of deforestation by cattle ranchers in the Paraguayan Chaco, and a comment piece on how voluntary company policies won’t stop deforestation unless they are coupled with actions to address illegality and bad governance.

News updates will be posted on a regular basis along with further in-depth and comment pieces each month. New content will be summarised and mailed out to subscribers each month.

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