New ‘three-tier’ system introduced by PM

New ‘three-tier’ system introduced by PM


  • The Prime Minster has announced a ‘three tier system’- medium, high and very high.
  • The Government will cover two-thirds (up to 67%) of workers’ wages if their employer’s business is forced to close as a result of local Coronavirus lockdown restrictions.
  • Grown in Britain week.

All indications are that the UK should prepare for a long winter of potential social isolation, with a new system of restrictions announced on Monday focusing on household mixing, as the Government remains determined to avoid the kind of lockdown seen at the beginning of the year which sent kids home from school and lead construction to grind to a halt.

This determination is apparent as across the three tiers of ‘medium’, ‘high’ and ‘very high’ alerts, shops, schools and universities will remain open, as will constructions sites, and even pubs, provided they are also serving food (with alcohol as part of the meal).

You can read the full set of restrictions online as the, which will vary according to the Government’s conversations with local authorities. As it stands, while much of the North of England is in Level 2, only Liverpool is at alert Level 3.

London inevitably will enter Level 2 this week, says Mayor Sadiq Khan. You can keep an eye on restrictions in your local area by entering your post code online.

Combined with the Chancellors promise this week to cover two-thirds of the wages of employees, up to £2,100 a month, for those who work for UK firms told to shut because of local lockdown restrictions, the Government is clearly hoping to stem potential job losses. The scheme will begin on November 1, at the conclusion of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) which finishes at the end of October, and will be available for six months.

On a related note, for those in our membership who are making claims under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, I would like to share advice we received from HMRC via our accountants, which is to now ‘calculate the amount you are claiming for each employee based on days the employee was on furlough’ during your submissions.

Beyond COVID, work continues by ourselves and others in calling for urgent policy decisions to put the UK on the path to be a ‘competitive net zero emissions, economy’. The policies outlined by the Aldersgate Group in their latest report align broadly with our own, including embracing policy and regulatory measures to cut emissions in buildings, nature braced solutions, and strengthening the Government’s Green Finance Strategy. It is positive to see such alignment.

I would also like to acknowledge it is Grown in Britain week, which celebrates Great British Wood. The Forestry Conference tomorrow will be a great opportunity for those wishing to get the ‘lay of the land’ on timber markets, policy positions, and the creation of new woodlands. I encourage all interested to get involved.

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