Raising the Roof



Raising the Roof

Grading denotes the right products to sell

Roofing battens, also known as slatings or tiling battens, are a colourful lot.

Colourful and graded

The colour might denote the manufacturer or where they’ve come from, but in fact it’s the grade that matters to selling a safe product to builders and roofers. Batten producers add their own colourings to distinguish themselves and their product’s qualities from those of their competitors, whether that be blue, red, or gold.

Across the professional roofing supply chain, right through to local authority building control, and also on NHBC, FMB and NFRC building sites, only battens graded and marked to the full requirements of BS5534:2014+A2:2018 are allowed.

Make sure you’re selling the right product for the job and keeping your customers safe.

Third-party independent auditing

All Timber Trade Federation members selling roofing/tiling battens and slatings participate in independently-audited third party quality assurance schemes.

This gives you, the customer, confidence that you are buying a quality product, fit for purpose.

What does the grading mean?

Roofing battens graded to BS5534:2014+A2:2018 do not need to be re-graded on-site by the builder.

The full requirements for a batten to be graded are listed in Annex D of the Standard. This sets out various factors ranging from knot size and position and knot frequency, to distortion, slope of grain, and other details.

Such factors matter because the battens hold up the roofers while they’re working, as well as the covering of tiles. A safe and fit for purpose fully graded batten is absolutely critical, both to the roofer and to your business’s reputation.

Selling fit for purpose roof battens

The Timber Trade Federation’s advice to merchants is simple.

Products for sale to builders and roofers in your yard must not be described as roofing battens, tiling battens or slatings unless they are marked on the timber as adhering to BS5534.

Anything other than a fully graded BS5534 batten is simply a piece of sawn, treated timber and not fit for purpose.

Visit our dedicated Merchant channel for suppliers of fully-graded roof battens.