Reaching Government Housing and Climate Goals
20th November 2019

Reaching Government Housing and Climate Goals

A third of the new homes built in the UK today are of timber frame, but expansion of this would bring climate and environmental benefits, such as the massive storage of CO2, contributing also to the UK’s climate change targets. 

Advice to central government includes implementing the recommendations of the Committee on Climate Change to increase the use of timber in construction, and working towards adopting a new framework for the rigorous assessment of whole-life carbon in buildings. Recommendations for  local government include incorporating a preference for using the lowest embodied carbon materials into every council’s planning policy framework. 

Following the current election, the APPG will seek meetings with ministers and local government leaders to explore how these recommendations could be implemented.  The Group’s Chair, Martin Whitfield MP, stated in his foreword: “Housebuilding should be part of an environmental revolution that is firmly integrated into our net-zero emissions targets.”

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