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Retrofit for Business

Make the most of wood products for retrofit projects

What’s the opportunity?

In addition to the insulation boost in the Chancellor’s Green Homes Scheme, the Construction Leadership Council, which includes the Federation of Master Builders and the National Federation of Builders, are calling for a ‘national retrofit strategy’ to improve energy efficiency in homes.

For merchants this brings together a market that’s likely to increase with a product category that’s already profitable: timber & wood products.

Retrofitting energy efficiency measures doesn’t sound as if it has anything to do with wood products, but there are lots of opportunities here for fast-thinking merchants.

Photo: STEICO wood fibre insulation

Products that could add valuable sales include energy-efficient timber windows; timber doors; wood flooring which can work with underfloor heating, plus engineered sub-floor base material, which can help to keep heat in and draughts out. Wood fibre insulation is an emerging market but is now often specified for domestic projects. Other products such as interior wood cladding also help to retain heat. Installing these products also needs bread-and-butter lines like battening and OSB or chipboard e.g. to board over a loft floor.

Profit from panels

Airtightness is one of the tests used to determine where draughts – and therefore heat loss – is occurring. There are now specialist panels available for PassivHaus builds, domestic retrofits and extensions which help with airtightness. SMARTPLY ProPassiv structural OSB is specifically designed as an air barrier and has integrated vapour control. SMARTPLY also offer OSB for dry-lining applications.

Photo: SMARTPLY ProPassiv panels

Don’t forget standard products

Simple things can help householders with a lower budget in mind. Quadrant and Scotia softwood timber mouldings can be used to bridge gaps e.g. between ill-fitting skirtings and floors or walls, or around door frames, keeping draughts at bay.

OSB and chipboard (particleboard) can be used to board over a newly-insulated loft. Supporting timbers may also be needed if the loft floor level has to be raised due to additional depth of insulation. Interior wood cladding is coming back on trend and battening is needed for installing it. And don’t forget the add-on sales in tools, fixings and coatings. To find a retrofit timber products supplier visit our website at:


Photo: Metsä Wood interior cladding