The TTF offers guidance and advice on a whole host of technical and trade issues
at the heart of the UK timber industry.

Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP)

The TTF RPP (Responsible Purchasing Policy) is a risk management framework developed by TTF for TTF members in line with the requirements of the EU/UK Timber Regulation. It is a mandatory aspect of TTF membership and subject to an independent third-party audit. The RPP framework has also been adapted for higher risk products and countries to allow for an auditing process to confirm compliance with other regulatory requirements such as the Construction Products Regulation (CPR).


By holding our members to the very highest standards we can help assure the market that, wherever their products are from and whatever the application, if they buy from a TTF Member they are buying Timber You Can Trust.


We regularly review and update the tools and keep close contact with NGOs, law enforcement and regulatory bodies to ensure that the RPP benchmark and processes are in line with the EU/UK regulations and best practice. Any feedback or questions, please do let us know: submissions@ttf.co.uk 



If your business acts solely as an agent – i.e. it does not conduct any business as an operator or a trader – then your only obligation under the RPP is to sign and return the below declaration if your company has met the clauses contained within.


For information on auditing for operators, please refer to the schedule for your submission date. Contact will need to be made with the Soil Association in your submission month, please see the auditing guide. Non audited submissions need to be sent to submissions@ttf.co.uk.

Plywood Guidance

A recap on what’s happened:

  • 2015 – UK Competent Authority investigation of plywood products imported from China into the UK. High level of failure found concerning species misdeclaration and shortcomings in Importer’s due diligence procedure.
  • 2016 / 2017 – TTF panel review on Chinese Plywood found high level of mismatch on glue bond declaration specified on the product’s Declaration of Performance (DoP).
  • 2017 / 2018 – To bring greater transparency and confidence to the market, mandatory audit procedure on Chinese Plywood ratified into the TTF Code of Conduct: All TTF Operator members importing plywood from China must have system in place to check and verify product labelling and performance concerning Glue Bond and Species.
  • 2018 Jun / Sep – Guidance and audit checklist issued; Trial run audit started.
  • 2019 Jan / Apr – Review of audit findings and the next step
  • 2019 Audit in progress 

Download the 2019 Evaluation Report Template for Chinese Plywood

Modern Slavery

The TTF Guide to the Modern Slavery Act is designed to help members deal with the recent regulation on slavery and human trafficking. The Modern Slavery Act  2015 requires commercial organisations – which have a turnover equal to or larger than £36 million – to describe the steps they have taken to ensure that slavery and labour exploitation are not taking place in any part of their supply chain  or in any part of their own business.

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