RPP EUTR Toolkit

RPP EUTR Toolkit

The TTF provides a step-by-step tools, guidance, technical expertise and training support to members to aide meeting the due diligence requirements for the EU/UK Timber Regulation and enables the TTF to report on members sustainable sourcing practices. We provide ongoing maintenance and updates of the framework and processes introduced.

We regularly review and update the tools and keep close contact with NGOs, law enforcement and regulatory bodies to ensure that the RPP benchmark and processes are in line with the EU/UK regulations and best practice. Any feedback or questions, please do let us know: submissions@ttf.co.uk   We would be happy to hear from you.


If your business acts solely as an agent – i.e. it does not conduct any business as an operator or a trader – then your only obligation under the RPP is to sign and return the below declaration if your company has met the clauses contained within.


For information on auditing for operators, please refer to the schedule for your submission date. Contact will need to be made with the Soil Association in your submission month, please see the auditing guide. Non audited submissions need to be sent to submissions@ttf.co.uk.


TTF launched a flooring project in 2019 to identify baseline performance of general flooring products in the UK market on product claims of Origin and Species content. The study focused on engineered flooring products manufactured in China.


Please contact the TTF for latest information and update.