Seeing red on cladding – and green, and blue…
27th November 2019

Seeing red on cladding – and green, and blue…

Adapting ancient Japanese techniques for modifying and preserving timber, BSW’s range of IRO internal and external timber cladding is also innovative in its approach to colour, available in 15 different colour options. These options also apply to the matching IRO timber decking. In creating the IRO range, BSW drew inspiration from the Japanese ‘yakisugi’ process, a method of charring timber to protect it from rot and fungal decay in Japan’s humid climate. IRO cladding has a waxed, water-repellent surface which also helps to keep it clean.

“We enhance our IRO timber with heat to alter the cell structure on the timber’s surface, ensuring a longer-lasting product,” says David Chapman,

Sales Director for IRO Timber at BSW. “IRO chimes with the ‘healthy buildings’ agenda being HVOC-free and offering an alternative to wood-plastic composite cladding for those who do not want to use plastics in construction.”

BSW took part in the BMF’s recent Innovation Reception at the House of Commons.

Please visit the BSW website for more information:

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