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Timber is a £10bn supply chain, and a globally traded commodity which connects the UK to the world. The statistics and insight we have compiled below show timber imports and exports in the UK, and connects them with building sites through statistics from the Construction Products Association.

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Latest Monthly Report

September 2021

Six million in six months.


By the end of June 2021 the volume of imported timber and panels exceeded 6 million m³. This was 1.75 million m³ higher than in the first six months of 2020; the months most affected by the pandemic.


The month of June 2021 was another million m3 month – the third month of six when volumes were higher than 1 million m³.


Import volumes in Q2 2021 were 60% higher than the same quarter in 2020 – which was the worst affected months of the first lockdown.


For reference, Q2 2020 was 28.9% lower than Q2 2019 and Q2 2021 was 14% higher than Q2 2019.

Timber Supply Statistics Dashboard

Want to take a closer look at the data? This interactive dashboard from the Timber Trade Federation and TimberTrends allows you to analyse timber imports into the UK, including the value, cubic metres, and country of despatch, through data over a four year period. Use the tabs, and arrows at the bottom of the table, to changes pages and access different sets of data, whether you want to look specifically into softwoods, hardwoods, different types of ply, OSB, or MDF, and either total imports, or the largest sources of despatch of these products to the UK.

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