Student talent shows a bright future for timber construction

Student talent shows a bright future for timber construction


From a group of more than 300 students from 39 universities and 27 interdisciplinary teams, the winners of #RSUDC21 were announced on Wednesday following a live event where students presented their projects to a panel of expert judges representing the best of UK construction and the built environment.


As they will tell you, they were blown away by the quality of the submissions. We are extraordinarily pleased with all of the entries, which can be viewed on the Confederation of Timber Industries website – which I highly recommend you peruse.

These students are showing some incredible talent, as well as the opportunities when building with timber. Solving the climate challenge is going to require both. We need people equipped with the knowledge to build low-carbon, and the technology and know-how to do so.

In this competition these interdisciplinary students are actively demonstrating that both the talent and technology already exists. That we can build net-zero now with timber, and we can build better.

The level of engagement from the students, universities and industry in this competition is unprecedented – you only need to look to the judging panel which featured both Mark Farmer, the Governments MMC champion and Andy Von Bradsky, Head of Architecture at MHCLG to see how highly esteemed this event has been.

It was also great to have Sunderland City Council right behind the whole competition. Councils are becoming ever more important for housing delivery, in their own affordable housing programmes, and through their planning policies.

With our University Engagement Programme moving from strength to strength, hopefully this competition is a sign of the success to come as we work to ensure timber is firmly embedded in every University and college curriculum.

Some of the students who participated in #RSUDC21, who collaborated in interdisciplinary teams, held meetings online at all sorts of odd hours, and came from different universities, or even countries, have said this has already changed the trajectory of their careers.

Watch the finalists compilation video

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