Sustainable plywood: a good news story

Sustainable plywood: a good news story

ARTICLE · By Timber Trade Federation · 27 Apr 2020

SP101® Hanson Indonesian Overlay Plywood is a product that represents good news, and not just for the flooring, joinery and furniture sectors. 

Constructed using a quick-growing and widely-produced tropical species, the material for Hanson’s SP101 is harvested from legally verified, well-managed forest concessions. It is available with full FSC® certification, and is the first flooring plywood imported into the UK with a FLEGT licence.

For those unfamiliar with FLEGT, it is part of the EUTR (now becoming the UKTR) traceability and verification due diligence system, and covers a whole country’s forest resources. Indonesia worked with the EU for over a decade to achieve transformational change in its forest management and supply chains, and to set up auditing systems which met EU standards.

A FLEGT licence covers legality of harvesting, supply chain integrity, and is also designed to return economic benefits to local community forest concessions in producer countries such as Indonesia, encouraging maintenance and sustainable use of the forest resource.

Hanson’s SP101 Indonesian plywood is manufactured to flooring industry standards defined by BS 8203:2017 and the Contract Flooring Association’s Guidance. It is used as a subfloor base, and can also be used in joinery and furniture-manufacturing.