Sustainable supply chain for engineered flooring
20th May 2019

Sustainable supply chain for engineered flooring

Sustainable supply chain for engineered flooring

Around 1/3 of the engineered wood flooring that comes into the UK arrives from factories in China. Following the TTF’s recent experience researching Chinese plywood  contents and documentation, and the resulting additional due diligence which all Federation members involved in plywood now undertake, the TTF has started a research project on materials entering the supply chain of engineered wood flooring.

There are many good products from overseas sold by our members. We are currently double checking whether factory product claims of species content and responsible sourcing of wood materials across the wider engineered wood flooring sector can be relied upon.  In doing so we will also be highlighting best practice amongst our members,” says David Hopkins, TTF Managing Director. 

Oak is one example of a material grown in Europe which is making its way to China in ever-growing volumes to feed expanding Chinese manufacturing industries.  China also imports many different timber species, as well as European Oak, and these come from a variety of sources around the world where due diligence on materials sourcing is not so well developed.

Other types of wood products emanating from this part of the world have previously been found to carry incorrect claims on species content, as our research has revealed,” continues TTF’s David Hopkins

The research project, now starting to gather data, runs until later in the autumn and will inform any further guidance which may be felt necessary for TTF members.

The Federation has also convened a TTF Flooring Working Group, so that all interested members who import, manufacture or distribute engineered and other timber flooring can participate in and benefit from developments as they happen. The first Flooring Group meeting took place at the end of 2018 and further meetings are planned.

We want to make sure that our sector’s customers, whether they be merchants, architects, builders or consumers, are able to continue buying #TimberYouCanTrust when it comes to wood flooring,” David Hopkins concludes.