Talking supply with the Construction Leadership Council (CLC)

Talking supply with the Construction Leadership Council (CLC)

Article· By the Timber Trade Federation · 25 June 

The Timber Trade Federation has been contributing to regular CLC meetings bringing together the construction industry on the challenges of resuming normal activity as quarantine measures are progressively eased.

At the most recent meeting of the CLC Product Availability Group, TTF Head of Technical and Trade Nick Boulton was on hand to deliver insight to an industry seeking reassurance that supply chains can rise to meet demand.

“There continues to be a clear split between our members between those focused on merchant sales and those supplying directly into housing markets,” he says.

“We’ve seen a sales bubble around garden supplies, along with decking and fencing, which all boomed during lockdown. Many people found themselves with time on their hands and staying at home, and seized the opportunity.

“With considerable volumes of timber moving through these product categories, stock levels which were high in early March found themselves rapidly depleted by early May with some lead time to restore supply.

“Aside from the disruption from COVID-19, decking and fencing often will go through treatment plants – and there are no shortcuts here, so it may be some time before these products are restored to normal levels.

“On the other hand, house builders can be reassured that there is plenty of timber in the country with huge stocks from March still to be moved following the shut down of many construction sites throughout April and May.”

TTF has been a regular voice in the CLC meetings over the last few months, and members can be reassured that their interests are being well represented at the highest level as we get on the Road to Recovery.

Members should ensure they are in regular contact with their customers over the coming weeks, with the market needing extra assurances that as they bring workers off furlough they will have the products they need.