The future of the timber industry is in good hands

The future of the timber industry is in good hands


The economy may be in need of a boost but the future of the timber industry looks bright and diverse. 

I’m sure most of us will be looking forward to the National Lockdown measures being lifted this week, to be replaced by a series of tiered restrictions in all regions across the country.

In many ways, this will make little difference to TTF Members but should hopefully provide a welcome boost to the retail and high-street sectors ahead of Christmas.

Certainly, the economy could do with some good news. Figures out from the independent Office of Budgetary Responsibility (OBR) show the UK languishing at the bottom of the G7 nations league table of economic performance – despite spending more fighting the coronavirus and supporting the economy than any comparable nation – with an estimated 11.3% contraction in 2020.

While next year could see a rapid recovery – due in part to such a deep contraction along with already having secured supplies of vaccines – this is still a hefty blow.

Economic performance will also be affected by the outcomes of Brexit in the New Year. This was the subject of several webinars we held last week. We were extremely pleased to see over 300 members sign up for the first session, and over 300 again for our second session aimed at EU suppliers.

Both of these events were extremely lively with insight and inputs on over-regulation, business operations, logistics, and market impact. I would like to thank all of our speakers and participants and advise members that the presentations and recordings of the events are available to watch online via our website: HERE.

We ended our very busy week with participation at the Chinese National Forest Products Industry Association (CNFPIA) conference, at which we agreed to work together on a new program of quality management for plywood, and – again – outlined the changes coming next year regarding Brexit.

Asking the whole world to change its manufacturing operations to suit the desires of one country – the UK! – is no mean feat and requires regular, consistent supply chain communications. We do hope this will help members maintain business performance in the year ahead.

Finally, we ended the week with a celebration and awards presentation for all of the delegates successfully passing their TTF Essential Foundation in Sales Management course. This has been a tremendous success and a hugely positive return on investment with the 24 delegates who passed bringing in over £6 million above targets during the time of the course. You can watch the event here.

It was also great to see so many new faces on screen and given time to introduce themselves. The TTF is often seen as “stale, male and pale” so it was fabulous to see the diversity coming through in the next generation of sales managers and business leaders.

If you are interested in applying to take part or to put some of your staff on, we will be advertising next year’s places – as well as new courses for existing sales managers – in the coming weeks.

We are hoping these sales skills and structured courses will help TTF Members thrive in the post-COVID and post-Brexit landscape ahead.

Below you will find the webinars we have done over the last couple of weeks with links to the videos.

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