The UK Timber Trade is ready for new challenges and even more ambitious goals
18th December 2017

The UK Timber Trade is ready for new challenges and even more ambitious goals

This blog post is by the newly appointed TTF President Charles Hopping

Charles HoppingSitting by the fireside thinking of Christmas past I remember the Timber Trade I entered 40 years ago. A world where tool handles and ladders were made of wood, where Wooden windows and doors were fitted to all new houses and where wooden joists supported both ground and first floors. A pre-internet world where there was still room for a whole tier of Agents and Importers now long gone. Better? Maybe. Different? undoubtedly. There is most certainly no going back.

And what about Christmas present? Despite all sorts of uncertainties the Trade seems in pretty good shape. Of course there are reasons to be cautious but most companies seem to be performing satisfactorily. We’ll need to deal with the Fallout from Brexit and Grenfell but every threat is also an opportunity to those who are well prepared.

Then there’s Christmas yet to come. It’s impossible to predict detail but the main themes look set to revolve around changes to legislation in the wake of Brexit and Grenfell and our customers need for reassurance that what they buy really will do what it’s supposed to.

And that’s where the TTF comes in. Dealing with legislation needs a co-ordinated industry approach which we will be delivering through our commitment to an appropriately funded CTI.

Customer reassurance comes through members commitment to audited schemes like the RPP and our new schemes to help members demonstrate their compliance with quality standards for plywood and pressure impregnated softwood.

So have a prosperous new year and be reassured that the TTF will be working to provide a trading environment which make life that little bit easier for all our members.