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ThermoWoodD® Goes to the Pictures
30th June 2018

ThermoWoodD® Goes to the Pictures

Featuring on the popular TV ‘Grand Designs’ programme, the conversion of the former Thorne Picture House in Yorkshire by Jeremy Southgate of Works Architecture brought a disused building back into vibrant family life.

Whilst retaining the brick facade on one side, a modernist approach to the rear elevation used heat-treated ThermoWoodD® timber cladding to emphasise form and to compliment the white render. Supplied by Bennetts Timber, the ThermoWoodD® cladding was machined to a smooth finish.

Using a secret nail profile meant that all fixings were hidden, giving the rear of the house a seamless, streamlined feel. Versatile and in keeping with today’s aesthetics, timber cladding can also benefit the energy-efficiency of a building.

Timber Trade Federation member Bennetts Timber can advise specifiers on the choice of species, treatments and coatings, to achieve their desired outcomes.

ThermoWoodD® comprises Scandinavian softwood (Pine or Spruce) heated to its core at high temperature, drying out moisture and resin. The reduced moisture content (7-10% average) creates a product more stable than untreated softwood. It weathers naturally to a grey or charcoal colour and needs no further treatment.

Bennetts Timber advise that up to an extra 10% wastage should be allowed as the heat treatment process may encourage any dead knots in the timber to drop out. Contractors should also be made aware of the more brittle nature of the product when fixing.



Bennetts Timber, a long-term party to the Timber Trade Federation’s Responsible Purchasing Policy due diligence scheme, sources all of itsThermoWoodD® exterior cladding from forests certified under the internationally-recognised PEFC™ scheme.

Bennetts Timber also offer hardwood cladding in South American Cumaru, and in durable softwood species such as Siberian Larch and Western Red Cedar, which, alongside all their timber products, are subject to the rigorous due diligence sourcing process which the TTF’s Responsible Purchasing Policy demands.


Projects Info

Location: Old Kensington Picture House, Thorne, South Yorkshire, England
Architect: Works Architecture
Wood Supplier: Bennetts Timber
Materials: ThermoWoodD® – Modified European redwood / whitewood


[Download this project as .pdf here]