Timber Engineering – Breaking Beams

Timber Engineering – Breaking Beams

ARTICLE  · 02 Mar 2020

North West Timber Trade Association (NWTTA) members are taking the lead in teaching timber engineering.

Working with Tabitha Binding, TTF’s Regional and University Engagement Manager, they plan to tackle the gap in engineering education. Timber is not taught on a par with other materials, so how can our future engineers successfully specify, design and use our most abundant and sustainable material – timber?

James Jones & Sons Ltd are donating timber via their distributer Beesley & Fildes, so that one hundred 2nd year engineering students, taught by Dr Zongwei Guan, can compare the strength and bending properties of the same section sizes in kiln dried C16, kiln dried C24 and unseasoned  green timber.

Martin Clarke NWTTA chair commented “the North West Timber Trade Association in conjunction with James Jones & Sons, are delighted to support this TTF initiative.

Timber is increasingly specified as the material of choice in a wide range of uses and applications and with unrivalled environmental benefits and advantages. 

We are grateful to have the opportunity to assist in enhancing and developing the knowledge of students in the use of timber products as part of their engineering study program.

The NWTTA would like to thank both James Jones and Sons Ltd and Beesley and Fildes Ltd for their support in supplying the timber for this project”

Testing will be carried out at the well-appointed workshops at Liverpool University’s School of Engineering during February and March.

Tabitha Binding added “each regional group has a different composition of members and it is great to see NWTTA focus on engineering – bringing together the timber trade, manufacturers, suppliers and academia to support and enhance student learning to create knowledgeable future designers and customers.

By supplying both home-grown, imported and green timber the students can look at growth rates, densities, moisture  and other strength reducing factors. If this pilot works as expected, we plan to expand the range into engineered timber products – glulam, I-joist & CLT and roll the Timber Works program out across the NWTTA region.”