Tropical Timber Forum a hit
4th November 2019

Tropical Timber Forum a hit

World leading tropical timber businesses come together to talk trade

With the tropical timber industry facing a rapidly evolving trade environment, the Timber Trade Federation brought together business leaders to talk on how to reduce risk and improve supply.

Global politics has meant that traditional trading relationships are increasingly uncertain, and climate change continues to represent both challenges and opportunities for the industry.

Speakers from top tropical timber exporters flew into London from VPA countries across Africa, Asia and South America to address UK purchasers of hardwoods, along with certification bodies.

Almost 100 attendees to the forum on 31 October learnt about the state of the global timber trade and challenges being faced by businesses from Gabon, the Republic of Congo, Ghana, Indonesia, Brazil, and Guyana.

Panel discussions focused on both the timber trade in Africa, which faces a unique set of challenges to achieve sustainability goals and certification, as well as world leading tropical timber bodies.

Tropical timber is an important element of the global trade of hardwood, and when sustainably managed, it is a resource able to benefit everyone in the supply chain.

The event was both an opportunity to look at the wider flow of timber into Europe from around the world, and ultimately discuss what can be done to reduce risk and improve the quality of supply of tropical timber.

You can find more information on the speakers and links to their presentations below. Many thanks to all who attended.

Managing Director, Timber Trade Federation

Mike Jeffree | UK Correspondent, Independent Market Monitor

Tullia Baldassarri | Communications Manager, Interholco and ATIBT member

Dick Anning | Environmental Manager, Carl Ronnow

Chris Beeko | Director, Ghana Forestry Commission

Richard Carter | Founder and Managing Director, RJC Agencies

Klaus Goecke | Founder and Director, Holz.Bau.Beratung

Robbie Weich | Group Compliance Officer, Tradelink Wood

Hank Marchal | Managing Director, Robinson Lumber Company

Mark van Benthem | Director, Probos

Marie Vallee | Open Timber Portal Manager, World Resource

Lucy Kamall | Project Manager, Timber Trade Federation

Panel Members:

Finn Knudsen | European Sales Director, McVantage

Anand Punja | European Regional Director, Forestry Stewardship

Olivier Bonneau | Director, Obbois

Peter Latham, OBE | Chairman, PEFC International Board