Next phase of FLEGT communications begins

Next phase of FLEGT Communications begins

BLOG · BY TTF FLEGT Communications Executive Lucy Bedry · 1 April

The Timber Trade Federation begins the next stage of the TTF Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) communications project.

The Timber Trade Federation today (1st April) begins the next stage of the TTF Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) communications project 

 With big ambitions for ‘Not letting the FLEGT conversation flag’, communications will focus around strengthening the messaging that: ‘Specifying tropical timber can “play a key role in the climate change battle”’.  

The project works to tackle stereotypes around tropical timber, educating audiences on the benefits of specifying and including FLEGT in procurement policies as a holistic approach to responsible, sustainable timber. This next phase of communications, until December 2022, will build upon engagements with designers, architects and retailers and create additional platforms to highlight the role of forests in averting the climate crisis.  

Following the success of the Conversations about Climate Change project, a celebration of the importance of tropical hardwoods that stimulates conversations about material provenance and climate debates, the TTF is planning a further design initiative. The program will climax in an exhibition to coincide with COP26, promoting FLEGT and highlighting the environmental significance of forest and timber.  

COP26 in November – the United Nations Climate Change Conference  will form a pinnacle element of the TTF FLEGT work plan for the remainder of 2021Activities include plans for the construction of a timber pavilion at COP26 and the creation of a holistic programme with other FCDO grantees, to bring together all willing VPA FLEGT countries to develop a joint tropical timber manifesto and agenda. This will entail advocacy of zero tariffs for FLEGT-licensed productsfocusing on tropical hardwoods and engagements with countries undergoing transformations through their country Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPA).  

Activity outputs will build upon progress in Europe, Indonesia, China and Ghana, with an additional focus on Vietnam and the UK as a separate entity to Europe following Brexit. Improving understanding of buyers and specifiers to the qualities of tropical timber products, the value of national VPA processes and FLEGT licensing in reducing compliance and reputational risks is a substantial element of the UK output.  

We know that sourcing timber from areas with strong governance, good sustainable forest management policies and from sources where communities can reap the benefits from trading with sustainable and responsible timber, is an industry that grows and manages those forestsAmbition, motivation, and determination for the next 21 months and further is stronger than ever and we look forward to furthering collaborations, success, and opportunities to come. 

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