TTF launches new Timber Supply Statistics Dashboard

TTF launches new Timber Supply Statistics Dashboard

ARTICLE · By Timber Trade Federation · 8 April 2021

To help members gain greater insight into our timber supply statistics, the Timber Trade Federation has launched a new interactive dashboard available now online at:

The new dashboard allows members to view timber imports by product group; whether softwoods, hardwoods, panel products, or overall wood imports.

Looking through the pages on the dashboard, users will be able to hover over points in the graphs to find out how many cubic meters of timber were imported in any given month or year.

Users will also be able to view how many cubic metres of timber were imported from different countries of dispatch; what percentage of imports this represents in a given year, and the value of these imports.

Since the dashboard is interactive, users can click on different parts of the dashboard to apply filters; for example, to view total hardwood imports from Cameroon, or softwood imports from Germany.

Currently the dashboard is focused on timber imports; however, the dashboard is set to be expanded in future to include UK production. The figures for 2020 are also soon to be added.

TimberTrends have compiled the data used in this dashboard, and the monthly import statistics continue to be made available to our members on the statistics hub – which can be found here:

Follow the link below to find the dashboard, and for more information on how to use this tool, simply watch the video below.

View the dashboard and instructions on use:

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