TTF Market Statement on the timber supply situation

TTF Market Statement on the timber supply situation


As you know, we have a very tight supply situation in the UK for timber. To help shed greater light on the state of the current market, we have released a market statement.

We understand the tensions you face with customers and other stakeholders in the market, and we hope by sharing this information we may help you in some of your conversations and business activity.

You can download the statement below as a snapshot of the market, in what is an evolving situation – and one not limited to timber, with other construction materials in a similar position.

As you will see in this report, we have taken a step back to give a slightly longer-term perspective and highlight the differences in volume and price between January 2018, when the market was considered ‘normal’, as compared to early 2021.

The statement notes more softwood was imported into the UK in 2020 (6,608) than in either 2019 (6,394) or 2018 (6,594), (the figures for these years are shown in 000s of cubic metres).

In our view the market position should be phrased as a DEMAND rather than as a supply situation. We hope this helps explain matters to the market. Please do share as widely as possible

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