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TTF MD David Hopkins to explain benefits of building with wood
23rd March 2018

TTF MD David Hopkins to explain benefits of building with wood

On Thursday 12th April, TTF Managing Director David Hopkins will be explaining how building homes out of wood can stimulate the expansion of Europe’s forests at the William Morris Gallery in London.

The workshop, significantly entitled ‘The Earth Grows Our Food, Why Can’t it Grow Our Homes’ is set to start at 19.30.

“Wood is the most technologically advanced material that we can build with,” says David. “The Earth grows our food. The earth can grow our homes. It’s an ethical change we have to go through.”

The UK construction industry is responsible for about 45% of UK carbon emissions. Currently, we need to build around 250,000 homes per year, while minimising our environmental impact.

Timber has proven solutions to clear the bottle-neck, improve the quality of housing supply in the UK and reduce our environmental footprint.

Benefits of building with wood include: speed of build, environmental impact, lifetime energy efficiency and cost performance. Even more importantly, wood is a renewable and sustainable resource and its use can result in an increase in well-managed forests and plantations on marginal or cleared land.

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