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TTF organises FLEGT Trade Engagement Week in Ghana
30th November 2016

TTF organises FLEGT Trade Engagement Week in Ghana

In late November, Mike Worrel, TTF Head of Policy and Sustainability, ran a week-long Trade Engagement Workshop in Ghana. This is part of a wider programme of bringing in greater Trade participation and understanding of the FLEGT licensing process in various Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) countries. This is being funded by a new Department for International Development (DfID) grant recently received by the TTF.

The week saw Mike Worrell and a number of British and European partner trade representatives and associations gain a thorough insight into GhanaÕs system of timber legality assurance under FLEGT. This included field based learning about the forest concession mapping and timber tracking IT systems in place, participating in discussions with Ghanaian civil society groups and NGOs and touring a quality assured timber product sawmill and factory.

Both the TTF and the Global Timber Forum (GTF) will be feeding back their findings regarding the rigorous Ghanaian supply chain to members in the coming weeks and months. It is hoped that this will lead to a greater understanding of the often misunderstood FLEGT process and enable new supplier markets of assured legal and sustainable timber to open up to trade.

For more information on FLEGT or the work TTF will be undertaking as part of its grant funded DfID program please contact: