TTF ‘Passionately strengthening global forest governance’

TTF Passionate about strengthening global forest governance

ARTICLE · By Lucy Bedry FLEGT Communications Executive · 05 July 2021

The TTF FLEGT project is enthusiastic to respond to the reality of responsible global forestry and utilising timber to retaliate to the climate crisis.

Enthusiastic to create a world where we respond to the reality of responsible global forestry and utilising timber to retaliate to the climate crisis, Lucy Kamall is the UK Timber Trade Federations’ FLEGT project manager.

Kamall explored Strategic Geography in the recent Sustainable Wood for Cities event as a quintessential aspect of global forests requiring good governance. Forest governance is how public and private actors make and enforce binding decisions about managing, using, and conserving forest resources (FAO).

“The TTF passionately believe that good national forest governance, which is internationally recognised and proactively encouraged and supported is essential to both responsible trade and increasingly global forest cover”. 

As one of the most active trade bodies in FLEGT promotion and market education, the TTF is calling for international action from all world leaders to make the governance of tropical forest supply chains a priority in the lead up to COP26.

Governance is the precursor for increasing trade, driving the incentive towards legal and sustainable management of forest resources. Forest certification can be a good first step towards strengthening governance but is limited to the boundaries of the forest concession area. “We want policies which improve the value of standing tropical forests and incentivise good governance and enhanced trade benefits”, Lucy Kamall.

The principles of governance, sustainable forest management and responsible forestry are embedded in the TTF’s FLEGT communications program. The TTF promotes the benefits of FLEGT, raises awareness amongst end-users to FLEGT and principles of responsible sourcing, sustainable forest management and impacts of specification. 

FLEGT provides a level of integrity and trust that is valued by exporting nations and their global customers, Kamall added. While it is not without its challenges, including longevity, effective change takes time. Good governance across entire countries mitigates corruption, leakage and encourages transparency and trust.

The TTF hopes that the topic of forest governance, strengthening of VPAs and forest management will be high on the agenda for the upcoming COP climate talks later in the year. The TTF will soon be announcing their plans for COP26 and the remainder of this year.