TTF Reminds Members of No Deal Brexit Risks
25th July 2019


TTF Reminds Members of No Deal Brexit Risks

We want to remind TTF members to be aware of the risks of a No Deal Brexit to their business and urged them to make use of the free advice and guidance from the TTF website.

The reminder has been issued following the selection of the new Conservative Party Leader and new Prime Minister, Mr Johnson, the MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

Mr Johnson’s rhetoric during the selection and election process, as well as the actions to impose staunch Brexit supporters into his cabinet on the first day in the job, suggest that he and the Government are prepared to take the country into a no-deal scenario if they see fit.

David Hopkins, Managing Director of the Timber Trade Federation, said: “Issuing yet another warning about a potential no-deal Brexit is not something I want to do. The entire scenario has been handled badly from day-one, with a series of fake ‘cry-wolf’ calls, which have had dire consequences for businesses up and down the country.

However, given the nature of the rhetoric used, along with the personnel deployed to run Government, it would appear that this is the main outcome which is being prepared for.

I would therefore urge all members to re-visit the Brexit site we have created on the TTF website and make use of the documents and guidance contained within.

We of course hope that an agreement will be reached and a no-deal scenario avoided, and are lobbying toward that aim, but are duty bound to remind members of the consequences should no deal arise.”

Members can access the guidance by heading to our Brexit page.

We will keep members updated as issues develop over the coming weeks.

Mr Johnson MP was awarded the post of Prime Minister on 24th July 2019. Prior to this he held the post of Foreign Secretary for a short time, served two terms as London Mayor, and rose to prominence as Brussels Correspondent for the Daily Telegraph, writing columns covering EU regulation and policy. Much of the content of these columns has subsequently been found not to be true.