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TTF responds to European Commission’s EUTR Consultation
1st May 2018


TTF responds to European Commission’s EUTR Consultation

The TTF has submitted its response to the European Commission’s EUTR Consultation on possible changes to the existing product scope under the EUTR.

The consultation was an important step to ensure the EU Timber Regulation evolves in a way that creates level-playing field for the industry.

The TTF supports the expansion of the EUTR scope to include all timber/timber products particularly those covered in Chapter 44 of the Combined Nomenclature.

We believe that the EUTR is and should remain a flexible business friendly regulation and enlarging its scope would encourage a more level-playing field and stimulate the design and manufacturing sector in the UK.

TTF also raised the needs for enhanced capacity building to all stakeholders impacted by the EUTR and a more transparent interpretation on due diligence from Competent Authorities on high risk countries.

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