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TTF Statement on Preservative Treatment Project – 7 June 2019
10th June 2019

TTF Statement on Preservative Treatment Project – 7 June 2019


As you know, TTF has been working with members and the WPA for some time to bring clarity to the market for preservative treated timber products in line with the requirements of the UK national standard BS 8417.

The aim and intention of this was to ensure that only products which had been treated to specific use classes were used in specific applications – i.e. to avoid mis-representation or false performance claims – and avoid products which were not “fit-for-purpose” being sold into higher value applications.

As part of this initiative, TTF proposed three main changes to the Code of Conduct to allow for greater clarity and ensure clearer specification, which were as follows:

  • Clear marking of use classes and recommended end uses on all documents accompanying the products
  • Training and communication resources being made available throughout the supply chain
  • Third party quality assurance requirements on treatment plants

Much of this work has already been done, particularly in the provision of communications and training materials, and these will continue to be rolled out to all points of the supply chain via TTF and WPA.

However, at an open meeting at TTF on 22nd May, members expressed the view that, whilst very supportive of most of the proposed changes, they should not be incorporated into the Code of Conduct in June 2019. Rather, it was decided to continue progress in this area, particularly via engagement with WPA members, Merchants and Buying Groups, and return to the inclusion of items into the Code of Conduct via an EGM or other motion later in the year. TTF will keep all members updated on this.

It has always been the intention of the TTF to allow for an implementation period after any decision is taken. As ever, TTF will ensure that this will be sufficient to allow members to make the necessary changes to their business practice ahead of any compliance requirements.

In the meantime, we are certain that many members will continue to implement these changes and step up education and dialogue with their suppliers, staff and customer base to ensure that they know exactly what use class of products they are purchasing, stocking and selling on, and the applications for which these goods are suitable.

Members can find a copy of the current wording, as agreed at the meeting below.

NSD Proposed Code of Practice Amendments

Point A – Use Class marking

TTF Members shall ensure:
Preservative treated wood is being accurately and unambiguously specified/purchased, for use or resale, and is clearly identified at all points of the chain (on orders, internal stock movement records and sales records) as fit for the intended purpose.

As a minimum this will require identification of the product as suitable for either:

  • Interior Use only – Use Class 2
  • Exterior use above ground – Use Class 3U
  • Ground Contact – Use Class 4

Point B – Information & Training

Customers purchasing treated products from TTF members are provided with adequate information and advice to be able to use and install those products safely and effectively.

Point C – Quality Assurance

Preservative treated wood is being produced by (or purchased directly or indirectly from) a treatment provider whose operation has been assessed and approved under an independent and reputable accreditation scheme (e.g. WPA Benchmark in the UK, the Nordic NTR scheme or other similar).