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TTF Statistical Bulletin August 2016 – Focus on Hardwood Imports
18th August 2016

TTF Statistical Bulletin August 2016 – Focus on Hardwood Imports

The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) has released its latest Statistical Bulletin for August 2016.

The Statistics – available here for TTF Members – also includes a focus on Hardwood imports to the UK market.

According to the Bulletin, in the five months to May 2016, 49% of hardwood imports came from the EU. This is lower than the 53% in 2015, confirming the growth in trade from outside the EU in 2016 to May – before the result of the EU referendum was known.

Around 90% of Hardwood imports from the EU are supplied by 9 countries, led by Estonia (20% of volume) and Italy (19%)

Of non-EU countries, the great majority of trade is with the US, which accounts for 50% of volume, followed by Cameroon (14%) and Malaysia (12%).

Speaking by Hardwood type, the percentage of tropical imports in the first five months of 2016 was 25%, up from 22% of 2015. The great majority of tropical imports (78%) are supplied from non-EU countries, but significant volumes are transshipped to the UK through EU member states like the Netherlands and Germany.

Temperate hardwood accounts for 75% of total market share, with the US representing by far the largest supplier for the UK, ahead Estonia and Italy.

To read the complete Focus on Hardwood Imports from the EU and beyond click here.