The TTF offers guidance and advice on a whole host of technical and trade issues
at the heart of the UK timber industry.

RPP Due Diligence Template

The pro forma (Tool A) is designed to take members through the EUTR Due Diligence process. Used correctly, in conjunction with the RPP guide for operators, it will provide product level Due Diligence and can be used as evidence in the presentation of Due Diligence if requested.

RPP Guidance & Due Diligence Manual

The Due Diligence Guide below, used in conjunction with Tool A or members’ own separate process, will assist in the undertaking of Due Diligence unpicking the individual clauses and sign posting members to relevant information sources.


The Due Diligence Manual will be published soon. 

Annual Return Form

This form is for both operators and traders with the relevant tab needing to be completed (please include new submission table from audit forms).


Traders please send the completed form to submissions@ttf.co.uk by the end of your reporting month.


Operators please  contact RPP@soilassociation.org and ensure the form is sent to them in your submission month.


If you have any queries prior to submission, please don’t hesitate to contact the TTF submission email.

Supplier Return Form

These forms are intended to be sent to your suppliers to aid in product level information gathering.


Tool C is used with suppliers you are sourcing from as an operator. Tool C may be sent to your suppliers to fill out. It should aid in gathering useful information for Due Diligence and the TTF reporting requirements in Tool D.


Tool E is intended for use with suppliers you are sourcing from within the EU as a Trader.

Tool E can be used to gain more in-depth product information from your EU based suppliers.


If your business acts solely as an agent – i.e. it does not conduct any business as an operator or a trader – then your only obligation under the RPP is to sign and return the below declaration if your company has met the clauses contained within.


For information on auditing for operators, please refer to the schedule for your submission date. Contact will need to be made with the Soil Association in your submission month, please see the auditing guide. Non audited submissions need to be sent to submissions@ttf.co.uk.

Plywood Guidance

A Plywood Guidance will be published soon. 

Modern Slavery

The TTF Guide to the Modern Slavery Act is designed to help members deal with the recent regulation on slavery and human trafficking. The Modern Slavery Act  2015 requires commercial organisations – which have a turnover equal to or larger than £36 million – to describe the steps they have taken to ensure that slavery and labour exploitation are not taking place in any part of their supply chain  or in any part of their own business.

Responsible Sourcing

Here you can find information on Responsible Sourcing.