TTF talks timber to the Times 

TTF talks timber to the Times 

ARTICLE · By TTF Team · 04 September 2020 

TTF CEO, David Hopkins, talks to the Times about timber becoming the hottest commodity. 

The lockdown DIY boom has seen timber become the hottest commodity as builder’s merchants are struggling to keep their warehouses stocked with lengths of timber, sending lumber prices through the roof.

Prices have risen by 119% this year to a record $887 (£653) per thousand board feet, as homeworking fuelled a wave of renovation projects in Britain and across the world.

Speaking in the Times on Tuesday, TTF CEO, David Hopkins stated that “the unprecedented demand was just impossible to prepare for. We’re thinking that [the current supply constraints] are going to last through until October. It’s not like we’re running out of wood, though. There is no inherent problem, other than that spike in demand at a time when a lot of sawmills had to close.”

David Hopkins also spoke about the unprecedented demand for timber to Mariella Frostrup on Times Radio.

Go to time: 02:22:33 to hear the full interview.