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TTF welcomes housing pledges, backs calls for low carbon materials
21st November 2019

TTF welcomes housing pledges, backs calls for low carbon materials

The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) today welcomed housing pledges made by Labour and the Liberal Democrats, and backed calls from the Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI) for these homes to be built with low carbon materials.

Labour committed to building 100,000 council homes and “at least” 50,000 affordable homes via housing associations a year by the end of Parliament in its election manifesto published today.

This follows the Liberal Democrats manifesto pledge to deliver 100,000 social rent units a year and require all new homes to reach Passivhaus standards from 2025 announced yesterday.

Funding of the Lib Dem house building programme will be part of a planned £130 billion package of infrastructure investment, while Labour will pull from a £150 billion Social Transformation Fund.

David Hopkins, Chief Executive Officer of the Timber Trade Federation, said:

“The announcements from Labour and Liberal Democrats lay down a good challenge to the current government who have failed to achieve their zero carbon and housing targets.

“Regardless of who ends up in Parliament, we need our politicians to back their words with actions, effective policies and spending commitments.

“Our recent report via the APPG for the Timber Industries shows how the UK can overcome it’s housing crisis, boost local economies, and spark a green transformation in construction.

“By backing the reports recommendations, including a preference for lowest embodied carbon in new builds, we can tackle the housing and climate crises.”