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TTF welcomes thinktank report calling for greater use of timber in construction
3rd December 2019

TTF welcomes thinktank report calling for greater use of timber in construction

The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) today welcomed the ‘Bigger Better Forests’ report from Policy Exchange, which calls for the greater use of timber in construction to help stimulate the forestry sector in the UK and combat climate change.

The researchers recognised that reaching the high planting targets necessary to reduce our carbon emissions requires a rethink about how the UK approaches land use, and the financial, policy and market levers which motivate private landowners.

The report focused on three objectives including; creating an integrated land policy, stimulating a market for trees in the landscape, and stimulating the market for harvested tree products. Some of the recommendations for timber included:

  • A proposed target of 40% of new housing starts being made with timber frames in England, Wales and Northern Ireland by 2025.
  • Introduction of a carbon tax which captures embodied carbon to encourage architects, surveyors and construction firms to invest in new materials and techniques.
  • A Timber Market Support package, with funding to support the development and marketing of initiatives that improve market information.

David Hopkins, Chief Executive Officer of the Timber Trade Federation, said:

“This release reinforces the findings and recommendations of the APPG for the Timber Industries report on how the timber industry can help solve the housing and climate crises.

“The science is clear that we must increase the use of timber in construction in place of energy intensive material such as concrete and steel if we are to meet our emissions reduction targets.

“As our report shows, the timber industry is well placed to rapidly increase housing delivery through high quality, low emission modern methods of construction such as timber frame.

“The benefits of increasing the use of timber run throughout the entire supply chain, providing a strong market incentive for landowners to move to forestry over carbon-intensive land uses.

“Increasing the use of timber in construction is important to combatting climate change, and this continues to be reinforced by independent thinktanks and international researchers.”