UK Global Tariff for Wood and Wood Products released

UK Global Tariff for Wood and Wood Products released

ARTICLE · By Timber Trade Federation · 20 May 2020

A new document released this week outlines the duty rates that will be applicable to customs entries made on or from 1 January 2021 when the UK formally exits the EU.

In summary the changes for the new UK Global Tariff within Chapter 44 for Wood and Wood Products are:

  • No increases in duty rates and no changes to products currently subject to 0% duty
  • Duty rates of 10% remain unchanged
  • Duty rates of 7% will be simplified down to 6%
  • Duty rates below 6% have been reduced and in most cases been liberalised to 0%
  • Full details by customs code are given in the linked UK Global Tariff Tool
  • GSP reductions where applicable should still apply but details are yet to be published.
  • More information is also awaited on the Coniferous Plywood Quota


You may recall in March that the TTF made a submission and asked members to participate in the limited government consultation behind the development of this new UK Global Tariff.

What is not yet clear is whether imports from EU countries will be subject to these duty rates, or if there will be a formal UK/EU trade agreement retaining the current duty-free status or amending these rates in some way.

The TTF welcomes the greater clarity provided by the UK Government in this document on the UK Global Tariff. However, we remain concerned about the effect of a potential no-deal Brexit on imports from the EU.

We will be continuing to engage with the Government, along with our major partners, to advocate for a deal which allows for continued tariff-free trading between the UK and European timber exporters.