UK Softwood Conference 2019 – Meet the speakers
13th February 2019

UK Softwood Conference 2019 – Meet the speakers

We are excited to announce the speakers for the upcoming UK Softwood Conference 2019. This event is kindly sponsored by James Latham Plc and Wood Scanner. The conference will also be celebrating International Women’s Day.

Listen to the future of the softwood market
Learn about the impacts of Brexit
Lead the celebrations in equality

Joanna Foat
Author, Lumberjill: 
Britain’s Forgotten Army

Joanna will be sharing the stories of the Lumberjills who were felling, shedding, loading lorries and sawmilling timber all over Scotland during World War 2.

Nick Moore
Managing Director, TimberTrends

Nick will be delivering the latest data in the softwood market and will be discussing the possible impacts of the EU Referendum on the future of softwood.

Olle Berg
Managing Director, Setra Group

Olle will be reviewing the current trends and the future of investment and global demand in a post-Brexit landscape.

Mike Glennon
Managing Director, Glennon Brothers

Mike is sharing how the shape of Ireland’s timber industry has changed since the EU Referendum two years ago.

Keith Ainslie
Sales Manager, James Jones & Sons

Keith will be providing insight into the UK’s softwood market over the past year from the sawmill perspective.

Noble Francis
Economic Director, CPA

Noble will be illustrating the outlook of the UK’s construction market and the possible repercussions to the timber trade.