UK Softwood Conference 2020

UK Softwood Conference 2020

The premiere event for the timber industry in the UK, this conference brings together leading suppliers, importers and traders to discuss the latest market news in the global softwood trade.

This year we explore what is driving change in demand, from new policies affecting the housing market and regional variation in the UK through to global finance and trade – and ultimately, what we can do to influence the market and secure the place of timber in a rapidly changing world.

Whether you look to climate change, the rise of competing materials, or the trade war between China and America, new opportunities and challenges are on the rise.

Attendees to this conference will leave with a complete picture of the UK and global softwood markets, where the demand is coming from, what is affecting supply, and how they can make sure their timber is getting to market.

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  The UK Softwood 2020 Agenda

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