UKTR Alerts | 16 March 2021
17th March 2021

UKTR Alerts | 16 March 2021

UKTR Alerts

ALERT · TTF · 16 March 2021

On 25 February 2021, the TTF Forests Forever committee invited the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) for a Q&A on UK Timber Regulation (UKTR). This is following recent queries from members on the challenges with due diligence for timber imports from the EU.

The Key takeaways from the meeting are:

  • Due Diligence is required regardless of product risk level or its certification status.
  • Access to information about product Species (or list of species) and country of harvest is mandatory during information gathering.
  • If the product is originated from a low-risk country such as France, supply chain mapping to the exact forest level is not needed however evidentiary info is required to support that the product originated from the declared country.
  • A supplier declaration, on its own, is insufficient, rational/evidentiary info needed to support the products’ Negligible (low risk) risk claim.


A full record of the Q&A is available HERE.

Key reminders for all TTF members:

  1. The UK Timber Regulation (UKTR) is now in effect and is enforced by the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) in the UK – the UK Competent Authority. All in-scope timber products imported into GB (except goods from NI) and to NI (except goods from EU27) from 1st Jan 2021 need to go through Due Diligence process implemented by the UK importer (Operator). Evidence of Due Diligence, i.e. the examination of risks of illegal timber entering the supply chain and how the final Negligible (low-risk) risk conclusion was reached need to be made available to demonstrate compliance.


  1. Members are reminded to NOT import timber products that originated in Myanmar. The EU conclusion on Myanmar that it is impossible to reach Negligible risk conclusion on timber from Myanmar also stands in the UK. All companies are reminded to refrain from placing on the UK market all timber harvested in Myanmar.


  1. Sourcing from Ukraine should be cautious as strict risk assessment and mitigation measures are now being required before the risk can be concluded as Negligible.


  1. The TTF is hosting a Q&A clinic on 29th March on Zoom. This is a one-hour lunch-time chat for members to share and exchange questions on all topics related to member’s operations, from plant health, customs activities to UKTR due diligence. Open to all TTF members. Register in advance HERE.


  1. 24th & 25th March free workshop on EUTR and UKTR by Preferred By Nature (NepCon) – Register HERE