Brexit and the Timber Supply Chain Webinar – November 2020

Get ready for Brexit

This webinar intends to build your understanding of the flow of timber between the UK and the EU, as well as the regulatory, operational and market impact of Brexit in the UK. This webinar was primarily for UK merchants, manufacturers, and agents working in the UK timber industry.

Nick Boulton, TTF

In this presentation, Nick Boulton presents the regulatory changes that will be enforced on the 1 January 2021. This includes Northern Ireland, plant health, UK Global tariffs and CE/UK CA marking.

Adrian Hawkes

Adrian Hawkes, Office for Product Safety and Standards

In this presentation, Adrian Hawkes presents the due diligence needed come the 1 January 2021, FLEGT and CITES, more detail about trading with Northern Ireland and the meaning and obligations of operators and traders under UKTR.

Dafydd Williams, Associated British Ports (Humber)

In this presentation, Dafydd Williams presents an operational impact of Brexit. He discusses how the ports will be affected by Brexit, freeports, and how you can prepare your goods for shipping.

Noble Francis, CPA

In this presentation, Noble Francis presents a market impact Brexit will have on the UK economy. This includes the likely UK economy scenarios that could happen if Britain gets a deal with the EU or does not get a deal with the EU and a forecast of the UK economy and construction for 2021.


Panel Discussion

The speakers discuss more in-depth the consequences of Brexit on the UK economy and timber industry, this includes; Northern Ireland, market impact on the UK timber industry, duty, and tariffs.

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