Hardwood Market Webinar – November 2020

The state of the hardwood market across the US and Europe

This year the hardwood market has been severely impacted due to the pandemic across Europe. While in the US the hardwood market has faced a lot of challenges this year from the impact of Covid-19 to wildfires that have ravaged California. Now with the US election over, trade with China will play a significant role in the US market, the US hardwood sector’s largest exporter.


Michael Snow, Executive Director, AHEC

In this presentation, Michael Snow presents a market update on North America.  He discusses the impact of the pandemic on the hardwood market, the impact of trade with China, and the outlook for 2021.

maria kiefer polz

Maria Kiefer-Polz, EOS, Vice President for Hardwood

In this presentation, Maria Kiefer-Polz presents a market update on Europe. She discusses the impact of the pandemic on the hardwood market, where demand is coming from, and provides an outlook for 2021.


Michael Snow, AHEC

Maria Kiefer-Polz, EOS

The speakers discuss what an incoming Biden-Harris administration will mean for trade, the pandemic, and issues the hardwood market is currently facing.