UK Softwood Conference 2021 Webinar


On Wednesday 31 March we held our first virtual Softwood Conference, which brought more than 240 participants together to hear from speakers covering the global market for softwoods, as well as the supply perspectives from Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Ireland, and Britain.


You can read our press release on the event.


Please be aware that only members can access the presentations.

Olle Berg

Olle Berg, Setra

In this presentation, Olle Berg of Setra Wood Products took the audience through the global demand for softwood products showing demand outstripping supply. A situation that has been worsening over a number of years but has now been accelerated by the COVID pandemic.

nick moore

Nick Moore, TimberTrends

In this presentation, Nick Moore presents trade flows to the UK projecting 4% growth figure for timber sales in the UK in 2021.

Kevin Hayes

Kevin Hayes, AKZ Timber

In this presentation, Kevin Hayes presented a market update on Latvia.

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EU Supplier Panel Discussion,
Matti Mikkola, Olle Berg, Nick Moore and Kevin Hayes

The speakers answer questions on supply and demand, the challenges the pandemic has brought to the industry and the outlook for 2021.

matti mikkola (2)

Matti Mikkola,
Federation of the Finnish Woodworking Industries

In this presentation, Matti Mikkola presented a market update on Finland.

keith ainslie (2)

Keith Ainslie, James Jones & Sons Ltd

In this presentation, Keith Ainslie presented a market update on Scotland.

mike glennon

Mike Glennon, Glennon Brothers

In this presentation, Mike Glennon presented a market update on the Republic of Ireland.

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UK and Ireland panel discussion

The speakers answer questions on the challenges their country is facing in supplying the British market.


Noble Francis, CPA

In this presentation, Noble Francis presented a housing and construction forecast, projecting growth of around 10% in private housing RMI in 2021, accompanied by private house-building growth above 15% and public sector house-building at just under 15%.