World leading tropical timber businesses to come together to talk trade
11th October 2019

World leading tropical timber businesses to come together to talk trade

With the tropical timber industry facing a rapidly evolving trade environment, we are bringing together business leaders to talk on how to reduce risk and improve supply.

Global politics mean traditional trading relationships are increasingly uncertain, and concurrently timber finds itself increasingly under the spotlight amidst concerns regarding climate change.

Speakers from top tropical timber exporters are flying into London from VPA countries across Africa, Asia and South America to address UK purchasers of hardwoods, along with certification bodies.

Attendees to the forum on 31 October will learn of the state of the timber trade and challenges being faced by businesses from Gabon, the Republic of Congo, Ghana, Indonesia, Brazil, and Guyana.

Panel discussions will focus on both the timber trade in Africa, which faces a unique set of challenges to achieve sustainability goals and certification, as well as world leading tropical timber bodies.

Tropical timber is an important element of the global trade of hardwood, and when sustainably managed, it is a resource able to benefit everyone in the supply chain,” says David Hopkins, managing director of the Timber Trade Federation.

“This event is an opportunity to look at the wider look at the flow of timber into Europe from around the world, and ultimately discuss what can be done to reduce risk and improve the quality of supply of tropical timber.”

The full agenda can be found on the event page. While the event is free, tickets are limited, so registration is essential. Please do so on the following link: